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About EdTechReview

EdTechReview was created to help teachers and administrators make more informed decisions about technology purchases.

There are countless resources dedicated to help a person increase their knowledge of the education technology landscape.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to be sure you've considered all available options and even more difficult to decipher truth from fiction.  When speaking with company sales personnel, their job is to close a sale, not provide impartial information.  When reading a magazine, they're careful to never burn a bridge with a potential advertiser.

That's why we created EdTechReview.com. Our mandate follows these three pillars:

  • Remain unbiased by being 100% transparent about who is reviewing the product.

  • Enable worthwhile comparisons based on a common rubric for each category.

  • Ensure the buyer is aware of all available options.

EdTechReview's carefully selected impartial reviewers are based all around the United States. Meet some of our reviewers and browse their reviews on the Our Reviewers page.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at info@edtechreview.com

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