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EdTechReview enables you to help others benefit from your experiences with technology.  Whether you love a particular solution or find another solution to be a waste of your time, let everyone know!  Your review makes a global impact by helping others find the right solution.  

In order for you to become a reviewer, you must be a full-time educator and sign the “unbiased pledge.” Once accepted, you will be directly supported by one of our representatives in order to ensure a fast and fun reviewing experience.

Build Your Fanbase:

By submitting a review you instantly gain recognition by being listed in the “Our Reviewers” page as well as included in our social media feeds and press releases.  Take this action to the next level by sharing your product reviews across Social Media Platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc…) to bring in more traffic to your reviews.

Additionally, be sure to jazz-up your profile page and even include a “Highlight Reel” (here’s an example). Asking your visitors to “Follow” you in both your highlight reel and your “About Me” section has a significant impact on the number of followers you will attract.  When you’re followed, your comments and reviews appear in those user’s monthly newsletter.

The number of visitors, the number of followers, the quantity and quality of your reviews all result in badges being assigned to your profile.  These badges establish yourself as one to be trusted!

Get Rewarded:

Visitors, followers, and quantity/quality of reviews all cause you to accumulate points. Once you have collected the necessary amount of points you can cash them in for rewards like an EdTechReview sweatshirt, gift cards and even an Apple Ipad! 

Points are awarded through a range of interactions through our site. To learn more about what kind of rewards we offer and how to obtain them read our Loyalty Program Guidelines.


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