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“StreetCred” – You’ve earned it, share it!


By Dave Armstrong

VP EdTechReivew.com

The EdTechReview community wants to recognize your “streetcred.” Become a part of the EdTechReview community and share your streetcred experiences with other educators around the country and the world. You can make a difference.

What is Streetcred?

Streetcred are all those experiences that make you the experienced teacher or administrator you are today. Streetcreds don't usually show up in personnel files. For example, I graduated college in 1970 with an honors diploma and a degree to teach public schools in Tennessee. Six years later, I added a Masters degree in Special Education.  In the late-80s I earned “Career Ladder III” status through a state program to reward top teachers. That’s all that shows in the ‘official’ personnel file for credits in my Knox County Schools’ records, but a lot more happened across a 40-plus year career in education.

A few things that don’t show:

journal articles; innovative teaching programs; technology conference presentations; private consulting with school districts; creative business relationships for literacy; industry grants to train employees; hundreds of teacher and administrator in-service sessions; teaching state principal academies; judging state and local competitions; technology consulting; writing educational software; building community relationships; freelance writing and editing, and much more.

I call this “StreetCred” – short for “Street Credits”, the college of hard knocks, if you will; of real-life credits earned in the trenches of public education for which educators receive little or no recognition.

Far more than any official degree, your “streetcred” defines the educator you have become.

Join EdTechReview and share your experiences. Post them to  your personal profile page so that others may find you and identifiy with your skills and interests.

Get recognition for your streetcred.

You’ve earned it.

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