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The Mind4Learning Fraction & Decimals apps present a 3 stage process to increasing your child or students math aptitude, with this app (Special Education) being the first in that process. The Fractions and Decimals Special Education App provides its\' users with the building blocks needed before advancing to the Foundational and Advanced Apps. Each of our apps presents its user with over 750 exercises that provide a structured approach to learning Fractions and Decimals.

Our apps leverage a unique approach is deeply rooted in the cognitive sciences and has repeatedly been show to dramatically boost math scores. This approach leverages the 5-S Path to Math Success (www.mind4math.com). The secret to math is that numbers and quantities have special relationships. These relationships, the 5-S Path,is easy to learn. Most teachers assume that you know these relationships and rarely teach them. Instead math becomes the meaningless and boring memorization of skills, facts and procedures. With these skills make everything mathematical as easy as 1-2-3 or x+y+z.

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