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The world\'s largest privately held software company, SAS was founded in academia and has maintained strong ties to the academic community.

Those ties grew stronger in 1996 when the company\'s founders looked back to the classroom and asked: Can the expertise we have developed over the past 25 years enable us to produce technologies that enhance learning?

The answeran enthusiastic Yescame only after deliberating with educators. SAS Curriculum Pathways is the result of those deliberations. Three qualities have been crucial to our success.

Our commitment to teachers
Our products work in the classroom in large part because teachers shape every phase of the planning and production process.

Our focus on content
Our approach is innovative, but our goals are traditional. Teachers, developers, designers, and other specialists clarify content in the core disciplines. We target content difficult to convey with conventional methodstopics where doing and seeing provide information and encourage insights in ways that textbooks cannot.

Our approach to technology
Our products make learning more profound and efficient, not simply more entertaining. Audio, visual, and interactive components all reinforce the educational objectives identified by teachers.

Year after year, SAS Curriculum Pathways earns awards for educational technologies and, more importantly, we earn the support of teachers, students, and parents.

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