Kidspiration was developed based on the original Inspiration software, but designed specifically with students in grades K-5 in mind. Kidspiration hits the mark and provides a program that is as comprehensive as Inspiration, but much, much easier to use and navigate. Although Kidspiration is geared towards the K-5 age group, it could just as well be used by middle school students too, especially for ELA, remedial or students with low tech skills. The program is designed to align with state standards for reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. It includes a vocabulary dictionary that covers words from the Dolch Word List and TESL vocabulary, among others. It has optional audio to accompany much of the program and even allows voice recording so student can use pictorial, written, and spoken representations of their ideas. All of this is in addition to the original, basic functions of the program, which are the limitless possibilities and options for mind mapping and outlining.

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