Finale is a music program that is highly designed, focused, and incorporates all aspects of the nine national music standards. The program enables the user to create music, reproduce music for all ages, genres, and all formats. Finale enables the user to reach his fullest musical potential. In full disclosure, I owned a previous version of the 2007 version of Finale. Finale's basic format has not changed significantly, but the addition of printer-friendly worksheets, uploading music and videos, and the recognition of musical composition has improved over time. To incorporate MIDI into the program, the user will incur an out of pocket expense to make the program reach it's fullest potential. The most difficult aspect of the program is the initial learning curve. Finale offers a significant amount of support to offset any initial difficulties while learning to make music. I still use the files today that I created with finale seven years ago, so over time the program has paid for itself. There are no concerns with with security, advertising, or external links. The focus is on the quality of the program and to that end, the product Finale is an essential learning tool.

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Excellent review and product. I agree the learning curve is massive, but the effort is well worth the end result for serious students and composers. I especially like your idea of being able to adjust a difficult composition to fit the ability of your student.

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