As a technology teacher using Netsmartz Workshop to train classroom teachers K-12, I found Netsmartz Workshop covers the many issues of Internet Safety that kids, parents and teachers need to know. For this review, I chose cyberbullying as a focal point in Netsmartz Workshop. Fun games, activity cards and videos make this site a favorite with many of the classroom teachers that I taught. Teachers and parents need to familiarize themselves with the material. This program provides numerous resources such as teacher materials, parent materials student interactive activities that all recognize the potential risk of being cyberbullied on the Internet. This program also helps children learn how to have a conversation with adults about cyberbullying online and bullying offline and vice-versa. The most important feature of this site helps kids know how to prevent being the object of a bully on the Internet and victims of cyberbullying learn how to report cyberbullying to an adult that they trust. The video link takes a tour of Netsmartz Workshop Cyberbullying. A student narrates the tour through the Netsmartz Cyberbullying pages.

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